Final report

The Internet transformed our daily lives over the past decade and revolutionised the way we do business. While there remain challenges, the Internet promises to fuel economies and improve well-being in the future. However, Europe has been slower than the US, Korea or Japan to capture the full benefits of the Internet economy.
The study was set up to estimate the potential economic and societal contributions of the European Internet industry as well as the impacts of EU support for a Future Internet Public Private Partnership (PPP).
In particular, the report aims to:

  • Identify the key drivers and opportunities for the development of the European Internet industry, its growth and competitiveness;
  • Estimate the potential future economic contributions of the European Internet industry;
  • Estimate the economic impacts of the Future Internet PPP and its potential successor; and
  • Identify, assess and address the future barriers to competitiveness of the European Internet industry.

The study finds that the Future Internet has considerable economic potential for the EU Internet industry and Europe has the opportunity to reap these benefits. But only if some tough choices are made and a number of barriers to its international competitiveness can be overcome.

  • Final Study Report: Towards a competitive European Internet industry: A socio-economic analysis of the European Internet industry and the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership.
  • A Fact sheet with some of key results and findings
  • Executive Summary
  • Appendix A: Barriers to competitiveness of the European internet industry
  • Technical Annex: Elixmann and Schwab (2012) “Mapping Future Internet related developments onto sectors and the economy at large.” Wik Consult.
  • FI3P Final Slide Pack
Second Interim Study: The economic and societal impact of the Future Internet PPP

The aim of this report is to delineate the potential future contribution of the Internet industry to European economy and society, to estimate the impacts of the current Future Internet PPP and its potential successor, and identify and address barriers to the competitiveness of the European Internet Industry.

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In issue 22 of the European Union Public Service Review, Jonathan Cave, Senior Research Fellow at RAND, examines the European Future Internet Initiative as a unifying vision for the continent and beyond. Jonathan discusses how difficult it is to define the Internet industry and measure its impact considering the connections between stakeholders from virtually every field of endeavour. He argues that policy makers need to be recognised as part of the same complex system and that only by taking longer strategic viewpoints can we learn to understand when to trust the self-organising characteristics of the Internet.

Deliverable 2: The European Internet Industry and Market

These documents contain the second deliverable of the FI3P study. They present a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the European Internet sector and its foreseeable evolution in the period 2010-2014. The results are based on data and knowledge of the ICT sector, complemented by an in-depth analysis of the profile and strategies of the Top-100 European Internet industry actors.

Main report

The European Internet Industry and Market

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Appendix I: Methodology
Appendix II: Statistical tables
Appendix III: Main technology trends

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Appendix IV: TOP 103 Internet industry suppliers profiles

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Key messages

The European Internet Sector: summary and conclusions

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